Packet Optimizer

The Bigjava Packet Optimizer is part of Very Deep Packet Inspection (VDPI) solutions specifically designed to meet industry requirements. Bigjava Packet Optimizer provides network optimization by prioritizing traffic, manage bandwidth, L3 and L7 classification. Bigjava Packet Optimizer also includes Monitoring and Reporting tools.

 Bigjava Packet Optimizer is ideal for use in lower density access and edge applications delivering network security, QoS, tiered services, traffic engineering, authentication, and session-based billing. Bigjava Packet Optimizer may also be used for network access control (NAC), a strong growth area for IP networks.




Traffic Optimization

Packet will be configured based on profiling of users and applications which optimizes the performance of traffic

Improve latency of the network

Bandwidth Throttling

Controlling the Packet helps reduce network congestion by regulating network traffic

Avoid server crash and prevent overload processor capacities on servers

L3 & L7 Classification

Packet will be identified based on its protocol or application

Improve traffic performance

Content Filtering

Inappropriate content is filtered or quarantined for further processing

Manage content behavior

Subscriber Service Management

Simplify the process to deliver the service and control subscriber

Manage subscriber service and expectation

Monitoring and Reporting

User will be able to monitor traffic usage and subscriber will be able to access usage reporting via web

Usage of bandwidth can be predicted easily

High availability and scalable platform supports 200W per slot with an option of AC or DC power. Redundancy is available via a second power component, shelf management functions, and cooling systems. Bigjava Packet Optimizer also supports 1GbE & 10GbE fabric interfaces to all node slots.

  • Soneatics

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