So-Neat-ics is a solution based approach for defining trends in Social Network activities that can provide various results based in analytical research. So-Neat-ics is specially designed for marketing tools analysis that can convey a message from social network activities to become a valuable information for businesses. Whether the information would be catalysts that turn into reaction or blocking agent.

 How So-neat-ics works?

 Social Network Analytics captures data from network resources and differentiate many protocols and metadata of social networks. So-neat-ics correlate social network users with activities and events. Son-neat-ics will then analyze between the real user and virtual user. So-neat-ics provide social network user profiling info to Service Provider. Thus, better information can be used for Direct Campaign.

 So-Neat-ics delivers results of information that is easy to understand. It provides detail information of contents from social networking sites and turn into useful elements for analysis. Son-Neat-ics provides various analytic results and turns complicated information into a simple result. This helps to speed up the process of Business Intelligence.So-Neat-ics defines architecture with respect to solution from network layer that will give valuables reporting. Hence, a high level decision can be easily justified from end-user point of view.

So-Neat-ics architecture consist the following:

  • Network Management Layer, which has the capability to manage all traffics.

  • Platform has the capability to handle transaction and routing into the next destination.

  • Core Services handle current transaction and process the policy defined by Policy Manager.

  • So-Neat-ics applications analyze the internal traffic process and expected to give precious results from business perspective.

  • The automation of Monitoring and Reporting Tools will benefit end-user to have user friendly and time saved reporting.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Provide detail visibility of user and content.

  • Detail analytics result of user and content.

  • Customized display dashboard.

  • Centralized Monitoring and Reporting Tools.

  • Web based and Statistical Graphic Reporting.

  • On Demand Statistic and Automated reports.

  • Multiple interfaces to different Social Network Community.

  • Scalable Carrier Class Platform.

Technical Specifications

  • User information of IP Address, IMSI, IMEI, etc.

  • Accurate and Real-time transaction log.

  • Based on Very Deep Packet Inspection technology.

  • Traffic flow at 10 Gbps.

  • Support various Social Network applications; facebook, tweeter, skype, yahoo messenger, MSN, Gtalk, etc.

  • Support various mail applications; Yahoo!Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc

  • Soneatics

 MORETO is a monitoring and reporting tools, designed for simplicity, flexibility, and reliability. Moreto offers a centralized monitoring for the whole networks, with multiple of interfaces supported. Moreto can connect to almost every network element. These Flexibilities are supported by the ability to change the parameter of devices. Moreto also support connection to SMS gateways, enhancing the alarm notification other than e-mail only.

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The challenges

Social Networking elements have been a success factor to define a business decision. A key decision maker will need a simple and precise tools to lead the business. A decision maker will also need a tool to analyze all the information that flows through the network and provide with the exact results.

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