Our Consulting expert will share experiences and cases that we have solved in the past. Bigjava have its own proper Consulting stages and action plan as follows:



 The first process of getting information and document it is through an assessment of the system. Our team will collect, capture, and gather data of all possible information. The collection of data is our valuable information that will result in recommendations through proper procedure guidance.


 Next, based on valuable information, our certified experts will design architecture, network topology, application architecture, and user interface in order to match the requirement of end-users.


 Then, planning is a key to the future of the project. From creating timeline, preparing and defining resources, and making a project management, so that everything can be predicted. Whether the project should begin immediately, or divided into phases, planning will take a place where the vision of end-users is start. In this stage, Return on Investment (ROI) of a project can already be defined.


  • Soneatics

 MORETO is a monitoring and reporting tools, designed for simplicity, flexibility, and reliability. Moreto offers a centralized monitoring for the whole networks, with multiple of interfaces supported. Moreto can connect to almost every network element. These Flexibilities are supported by the ability to change the parameter of devices. Moreto also support connection to SMS gateways, enhancing the alarm notification other than e-mail only.

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The challenges

Social Networking elements have been a success factor to define a business decision. A key decision maker will need a simple and precise tools to lead the business. A decision maker will also need a tool to analyze all the information that flows through the network and provide with the exact results.

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