Solutions Overview

 How we can grow together?

Business is not only about profits, but it is the relationship between two parties or more so that can gain trust.

Bigjava are focusing on its customers. Therefore, we have created matrix that is suitable customer’s requirement and provide dream of success together.






Business Grow



Business Continuity



Strategic Planning



Business Intelligence


From top to bottom of the matrix, our primary approaches are revenue generation that will provide company’s profit and increasing on customer’s utilization. Those are customer’s values that will trigger the next strategy to customer. Bigjava ‘s next approaches are saving on Capital Expenditures(CapEx), Operation Expenditures(OpEx), and Network. These are components to secure customer’s investment. Bigjava always have vision to customers that will grow the business, expect business continuity, and having strategic planning, will lead to the demand of Business Intelligent.

From left to right, While customer is increasing the revenue, Bigjava solution will provide saving on CapEx, so that the business will continue to grow. Bigjava solution is dedicated to increase the profit, that way Bigjava provides saving on OpEx, and the vision is to be in Business Continuity. One of the benefits using Bigjava solution is increasing the utilization, will optimize the network and save the network capacity, that way the vision to strategic planning is clear. Hence, increasing the values will definitely save the investment and lead to the needs of Business Intelligence.

Bigjava solutions are suitable for deployment across the industry of Telco, Enterprise, Banking sector, and government.









Data Leak Prevention

Content Filtering

Monitoring & Reporting

Network Optimization

User Profiling

Based on specific requirements, Bigjava solutions are fully customizable and customer may choose from different kind of applications we provided.

  • Soneatics

 MORETO is a monitoring and reporting tools, designed for simplicity, flexibility, and reliability. Moreto offers a centralized monitoring for the whole networks, with multiple of interfaces supported. Moreto can connect to almost every network element. These Flexibilities are supported by the ability to change the parameter of devices. Moreto also support connection to SMS gateways, enhancing the alarm notification other than e-mail only.

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The challenges

Social Networking elements have been a success factor to define a business decision. A key decision maker will need a simple and precise tools to lead the business. A decision maker will also need a tool to analyze all the information that flows through the network and provide with the exact results.

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