Monitoring and Reporting



Bigjava Monitoring Solution will monitor all IP traffic on the network and analyze them. It will then gather information on the network so that can prepare for Reporting and Analysis purposes. Bigjava Solution designed for simplicity, flexibility, and reliability. Bigjava Monitoring and Reporting Solution offers centralized monitoring for the whole networks with multiple interfaces and protocols supported.

  Since Bigjava Solution can connect to almost every network element, this solution monitors the performance of multiple network elements. Then, collect statistics and provide detailed reports in various formats according to end-user requirements. This monitoring and reporting solution have capabilities of searching logs files and tracing audit trails within the network.



 Bigjava solutions have been designed to run in simple network environment and easy implementation. User-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) improves efficiency to customers operation.

  • Soneatics

 MORETO is a monitoring and reporting tools, designed for simplicity, flexibility, and reliability. Moreto offers a centralized monitoring for the whole networks, with multiple of interfaces supported. Moreto can connect to almost every network element. These Flexibilities are supported by the ability to change the parameter of devices. Moreto also support connection to SMS gateways, enhancing the alarm notification other than e-mail only.

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The challenges

Social Networking elements have been a success factor to define a business decision. A key decision maker will need a simple and precise tools to lead the business. A decision maker will also need a tool to analyze all the information that flows through the network and provide with the exact results.

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