Products Overview


Bigjava have been innovating products that are benefits and add values to end-users. Bigjava have varieties different products meant suitable at any user environments. Hence, that we start the business at a point where critical is a factor, discipline, reliability, and availabilities are keys of our products.

Overview 1


  Moreto Monitoring and Reporting Tools. Designed for simplicity, flexibility, and reliability. Moreto GUI is user friendly, consist of dashboard and reporting capabilities.  
  Genorks Intelligent Network Search. Is a VDPI solution that capture data from any resource protocols, translate and correlate them into one single message flow.  
  Soneatics Social Network Analytics. Differentiate meta-data of social networks and correlate them with users, activities, and events. Soneatics analyzes real-user and virtual-user environment.  

Bigjava has its own Research and Development Department where creation means innovating a product. Our products have been tested and used in very complex environment so that proven and ready to be implemented. Customers may choose different platforms according to the needs of compliancy and Service Level Agreement.

Overview 2


  Bigjava 7002 3U, 2-slot AC/DC Chassis. Suitable for small Enterprise, branch, and entry-level applications.  
  Bigjava 7006 6U, 6-slot AC/DC Chassis. Great for medium Enterprise and Telco division.  
  Bigjava 7014 14U, 14-slot DC Chassis. Ideal for Carrier Grade Class and those which requires capacities and high availability.