The challenges

We look at simple examples of IT division that have different department from network, security, servers, applications, monitoring, and database. Most of the time problem occurs during operation involved every single department and need extra time to resolve the problem due to decision making at the meeting. This situation creates Xilo-kind of action by inter-department. By implementing Genorks, this xilo-kind situation can be avoided.

Intelligent Network Search is VDPI solution that can capture data from any resources of protocols, translate, and correlate different protocols so it can be defined into one single line of message flow, on the fly.

Genorks inspect and search data packet based on requirements. Genorks will trace and find the logical correlation of message flow within the packet network. Based on log files that is created on time stamp based, Genorks will drill-down errors and data source, so that defining errors can be narrowed down into specific source.

Genorks is useful for defining what happens on the network without having to trace every single log files within the network itself. Thus, improve information relationships between different protocols.

Search and investigate data source
Inspect and search correlate events of data on the fly
Drill down packet inspection into specific source
Trending of most data occurs
Friendly Customized Graphical User Interface

Search features will lead to business insight information
Business insight turns data into business intelligence
Trending information will add value to business intelligence
Simplify and fast response for operation purposes
Useful resources for Monitoring and Reporting Tools