Moreto monitors the performance of multiple network elements, collects statistics and provides detailed reports including occupancy, performance, utilization , availability, and Quality of Service (QoS). When problem is identified, Moreto creates a trouble ticket with administrator approval, then sending alarms via SMS and e-mail.

 Moreto delivers the most completed but easy to read reports through Network Elements in many ways (i.e.: CDR, Logs, and SNMP). Easy Reporting will enable user to set how the reports will be served. Alarm classifications will determine the level of a trouble, so troubleshooting will be more efficient, faster and accurate. These features provide user with better analysis for problem solving of troubleshooting as well as network design and planning.

 Moreto is able to control multiple devices that have multiple modules specifically made for each network element. Moreto will enable user to modify multiple network elements in a very simple way. Moreto GUI is user friendly, which consist of Moreto Dashboard, a summarize of systems condition in real time. This feature improve efficiency greatly.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Handles any data format

  • Centralized Monitoring

  • Fault Management with Real Time Rapid Identification

  • Trouble Ticket ensures the progress logs of troubleshooting

  • Define Occupation and raise alarm whenever a parameter hit a threshold

  • Detailed information on utilization for each component on network

  • Multiple Interfaces to ensure the connection flexibilities

  • On Demand Statistic and Automated reports of Availability, Occupancy, and Performance

  • Moreto Dashboard displays Utilization, Availability, Occupancy, and Performance

  • Audit Trail to ensure complete change of logs and history of logging activities

  • Control multiple devices with multiple Network Element Modules

  • Support for Multiple Database and Platforms

  • Web based and Statistical Graphics Reporting

  • Ensure Service Level Agreement (SLA) Performance

  • Secure Revenue Assurance