Our solutions standard comes with robust high availability various of platforms. Before the decision of which platform should use, we assess the situation of our customer on which would be the best possible platform to be in place. We also predict the traffic on what would be within the next 2 to 3 years, so we can place the right platforms.

 We differentiate our platforms based on the network capacities and processing power. Our platforms ranges from Enterprise class to Carrier Grade class platforms. Most of our Enterprise class platforms are using 1Gbps of throughput processing capacity. On the other hand, our Carrier Grade class of platforms ranges from 5Gbps to 40 Gbps of throughput processing capacity. It provides true wire speed specifically designed for Deep Packet processing.

 We are committed to deliver best service level agreement within the industry. We are providing high availability platforms and redundancy for your solutions.

 Bigjava Platforms benefits:
• Designed for Enterprise and Telco industry
• Highly scalable performance
• Single platform with redundancy
• System reliability for application scenario

Bigjava7002 Platform

The Bigjava 7002 platform targets the scalable application needs of next generation telecommunications markets. The compact platform enables Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) to cost-effectively scale their product lines to meet all carrier deployment scenarios, starting with smaller appliance systems and moving up to larger bladed platforms when demand justifies migration.

 Bigjava 7002 Platform is a two slots platform with redundancy capabilities. Bigjava 7002 Platform is designed suitable to meet Enterprise industry standard and above. The Bigjava Chassis 7002 supports 200W per slot 20G DPI solutions for fixed, mobile, and enterprise networks and may be coupled with Bigjava Packet Module and Bigjava Computing Module.

 Bigjava 7002 Platform is ideal for use in lower density access and edge applications delivering Very Deep Packet Inspection applications such as network security, QoS, tiered services, traffic engineering, admission and authentication, and session-based billing. Bigjava 7002 Platform may also be used for network access control (NAC), a strong growth area for IP networks.

Bigjava7006 Platform

Telco Grade platform is extremely supported for high performances which have capabilities of unique packet processing hardware architecture.

Bigjava 7006C Platform provides:
• True wire speed up to 10Gbps Packet Processing
• Stackable Architectures
• Designed for Powerful, acceleration, and durability
• Clustering Support
• Powerful computation
• Telco and Carrier grade class of availability
• High availability and redundant power
• Distributed traffic through Application Processor

Bigjava 7014 Platform

The Bigjava 7014 Platform is a 14-slot platform (14U) ideal for core networks environment and effectively addressing data center capacity. It fulfills the requirement of Telco capacity for Very Deep Packet Inspection when integrated with Bigjava Packet Processing, Bigjava Switch modules and Bigjava Application modules.

Key features:

  • 40G-Enabled for High Capacity Carrier Networks

  • Optimized for 350W Power & Cooling

  • Class-Leading Serviceability & Redundancy

 The Bigjava 7014 Platform is a 40G-enabled fabric interface supports high capacity solutions up to 320Gbps for fixed, mobile and enterprise networks. Example applications include: Internet offload, QoS, tiered services, admission and authentication and session-based billing.

 As more complex next generation telecommunication applications continue to evolve, so do the requirements for larger and faster multi-core processing technology. The Bigjava 7014 Platform’s high-capacity redundant fan trays are designed to support next generation compute and packet processing speeds by supporting power and cooling up to 350W per slot.

 In a 14U form factor, the Bigjava 7014 Platform supports dual redundant DC PEMs rated for 200A each and delivering up to 9600W at nominal -48VDC. For flexibility to deploy beyond the Central Office, the ATCA-SH142 also comes in a redundant AC-based 15U form factor. This level of power input flexibility gives NEPs the ability to seamlessly meet customer orders while limiting inventory and other costs associated with managing large pieces of equipment.

 All Bigjava 7000 series Platforms supports either AC or DC power options without the need of adding a stand-alone 1U AC option. This combined capability gives NEPs the flexibility to seamlessly meet customer orders while limiting inventory and other costs associated with managing large or multiple pieces of equipment. The AC power supply or the DC power entry module has enough power to supply a fully-loaded Bigjava Platforms and all shelf assemblies are designed using Field-Replaceable Units (FRUs). Redundancy is available via a second power component, and optional redundancy is also available in the shelf management functions. For the most cost-effective implementation, an optional fan tray redundancy board is available in lieu of a full shelf manager to ensure fault-tolerant cooling.






20 Gbps

40 Gbps

100 Gbps

Transactions per seconds








Slot Module

2 slots

6 slots

14 slots

RTM Module




Redundancy ? Hot Swap
DC Power

Dual DC

Dual DC

Dual DC

AC Power

Dual AC

Three AC

Five AC

Shelf Manager




Cooling system




Humidity 5% to 95%    
Storage Temperature -40\B0C to +70\B0C    
Operating Temperature -5\B0C to +55\B0C    
AC 90-240 VAC
Slot Consumption 200W
Maximum DC Consumption




Maximum AC Consumption




Regulation & Compliance
  EN60550-1 :2006
  FCC part 15, subpart B 2008
  ROHS 6/6 Compliant