Good implementation relies on preparation, planning, and schedule timelines. Our implementation process consists of development, operation, maintenance, and optimization.




Development process includes of building application based on customer specific requirements. Nowadays, there is no unified application requested by different end-user. Each end user has different specifications and requirements. Therefore, Bigjava develop custom application based on end-user requirements.




New technology requires end-user to keep up with the latest knowledge, and regularly trains team members. Our expert resources will provide the best operation team for end-user. That way, end-users do not have to worry operational activities. Bigjava provide expert resources to save cost budget of end-user.




Our maintenance service contracts varies different level of Service Level Agreement (SLA)s that require us to provide 99.999 percent of up time Key Performance Index. Reliability of the system is our key awareness to achieve customer satisfaction. We do regular visit maintenance and provide user friendly periodical report for management.




Bigjava makes sure end-users could increase their KPI levels or at least maintain KPI levels at a point where the market is at saturated. Bigjava can optimize the network by using our VDPI and turns into valuable information to end-users. This can be achieved using Bigjava methodologies of optimizing network traffic, subscriber traffic, and enhance subscriber transactions. By doing so, CapEx and OpEx can be saved transparently.