Content Filtering

 Whether it is a spam, plagiarism, terrorist threat, or unwanted content, Bigjava services will detect and scan and screen the oncoming packet through the network in realtime. The content will then be filtered before the applications decide to release or hold the content.

The objective is to control and prevent the user from viewing the unwanted explicit content and bring politeness in the organization and internet public. Restricted material should be delivered with permission. Operator or Enterprise can benefit this service from unwanted explicit contents such as:

  • Pornographic content

  • Violence content

  • Hate-oriented content

  • Provocative content


  • Control and optimized contents

  • Control user behavior

  • Prevent inappropriate materials such as malwares and viruses

 Most IT regulations in some countries applies Content Filtering to prevent misuse of internet services so that they can optimize their network capacities.