Network Forensic

 Bigjava Network Forensic protects important data from misuse behavior and information leakage. Network Forensic can be applied in two different applications: Data Retention System (DRS) and Data Leak Prevention (DLP). DRS managed subscriber’s history into logs and keep them for security purposes. Some countries require Service Providers to use DRS into their network. DLP prevents most important data being sent to inappropriate users. Furthermore, Enterprises have been using DRS to keep track of their user behavior and projected for network planning.

DRS and DLP have the following features:

  • Analyzing Packet Traffic

  • Analyzing user behavior

  • Governing use of internet

  • Mass and Public surveillance

  • Record Transactions

  • Subscriber’s Location

If one of the above is your concern at the network, Bigjava Data Retention System helps deliver the right information at your expectation.

DRS Benefits:

  • Maintain historical information at a certain period

  • Temporarily provide recent data

  • Secure loss of data

  • Monitor user activity

  • Avoid high-classified type file sharing

  • Audit trail

DLP Benefits:

  • Avoid high-classified type file sharing

  • Prevent information leakage inside and outside network

  • Complying with regulations and laws